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Welcome to the Highly Flammable Universe

Everything you can do at HFS

Book your next photoshoot

We've got so much more than a white room for you. Choose from our wide selection of spaces, props, and furniture, to customise your perfect backdrop. Curate the lighting with professional assistance to create the mood you're after. Included in your studio hire is access to both floors, lighting rigs and diffusers, and coffee for both photographer and client.

Host your workshops

If you need a chilled out, professional space with digital solutions and great coffee on demand then we've got you covered. HFS is different from your usual workshop space hire. Our cosy, creative, colourful space leaves your guests feeling inspired. We promote every creative event happening in our space to make sure you're booked up and can share your skills to a wide audience.

Get involved with content creation days

Our mission is to make content creation accessible and fun for everyone who has a product or message to share. Our content creation days are set up for you to just walk in and capture your best content yet with ease. Be the first to hear about them by signing up to our newsletter!

Record a podcast

Podcasting made easy. Walk straight into your customised set and do your thing; we'll do the rest. We've got everything you need to start that conversation you've been dreaming about putting out into the world.

Celebrate your project with an event

We specialise in bespoke events that celebrate your creative project. Screenings, exhibitions, book launches, you name it. With access to 2 floors and multiple quirky breakout rooms, our studio is a home for whatever experience you want to create for your guests. We will help you through all the planning stages, organising your catering, instillation and decoration, and hosting with an impact.

Film an online course

Ready to share your expertise through a course? Work with us to produce a fantastic quality, well thought-out programme that you can roll out online. You bring your knowledge and skills, we’ll deal with the technical side! The smart solution for sharing your skills and building some passive income. You’ll receive our support all the way from pre-production to making it live to your customers.

Hire pro cameras and equipment

Hire our in-house professional equipment to enhance your studio shoot and take your art to the next level. Lights, cameras, microphones and plenty of tech at your fingertips.

Become a member

Memberships comes with tonnes of perks exclusive to you! Our members get treated like family around here. Click on the different membership options to find your perfect match.

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