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About us

Meet the team

Three creators, a kraken, and a bear walk into a studio


The architect of HFS.

Since graduating in 2012, Aaron has been making a mark for himself with fun, surreal, and magical marketing campaigns. His company Painted Life Ltd has been providing Shrewsbury and beyond with funky films for over a decade. This newest chapter since setting up base at HFS is his most exciting yet, and things are about to get even weirder.


The person to thank for everything that looks, smells and tastes incredible in HFS.

Alana is our Studio Manager. She knows exactly how to create the most cosy and inspirational environment for every occasion, and loves supporting you with your studio needs. She also helps keep Aaron and Charlotte from destroying the place.


The designer with storytelling in her bones.

Charlotte is our impossibly good in-house illustrator and graphic designer. She can whip up any concept you throw at her and she’s a grand master in the art of ‘world-building’. It’s safe to say that HFS wouldn’t look the way it does without Charlotte’s wild brain.

We built this place with YOUR help on Kickstarter!

You bought the beanie, booked the studio, and made it onto the polaroid wall. Every penny you invested in us went straight into the fabric of the studio. Thank you so much for your support!

Watch the video below to see how it all began in the summer of 2022!

5 Reasons Why We Made HFS

To provide a warm and welcoming community space for Shropshire's digital artists

To help businesses produce incredible quality content - QUICK & EASY

To introduce businesses to the amazing creative talent in our community

To give a home to our more 'wild' creative projects....

To inspire and nurture anyone wanting to pursue a career in the arts


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