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I’m Aaron! Lover of sci fi, horror and the unknown…

I’ve made films for 12 years now for this, that and everything, my favourites being fast paced creative adverts that bring communities together.

My main goal for 2024 is to help as many creators as possible find their voice by stepping into a producer role.


Expertise in

Seasonal marketing campaigns

Tourism films

Creative adverts

I’ve been making films for over 12 years now and I’ve always tried to keep things fresh and exciting. With a camera in my hand I’ve travelled the world and traded films for tattoos, festival tickets and hot air balloon rides. I’ve made friends I’ll never forget and have experienced things I’d never have imagined. I’m so lucky to be living my life in such an explosion of vibrancy thanks to the nature of being a creative freelance!

The moment I stepped foot into HFS, I felt my world transform. The roots have shot from my hobbit feet and I’m so happy to be at the centre of such a creative space surrounded by like minded people. In this new stage of my life I’m looking to help people who were in the same boat as I was a decade ago to make their passion a sustainable and exciting career which will bring them a life of spontaneity and imagination.

Alongside all of this I’ll still be experimenting as much as normal - however with the introduction of the new HFS YouTube channel, you may well see more of these experiments and ideas find their way into your eyeballs.

So stay tuned!

For the deepest weird

and the strangest wonder