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Heyy there! I'm Freya & I LOVE creating things - films, candles, photography, babies (the last is not a regular offer).
With lots of experience in the film-making industry, including acting, directing, writing & producing, alongside all the witchy/hippy things I do on the reg, I'm excited to start making some creative magic in the Shire!

Expertise in

Bringing Different Characters to Life

So you want to know some more...ok then!
I have experience in many things creative outside of the film-making that I have touched on above. I've been trained in presenting, tried my hand at wedding photography, make natural scented candles, voiced a Celtic Goddess called Rigan in a Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Podcast and am hoping to start a Ceilidh band!!
My passion for creativity runs much deeper than simply having fun (although I'm a massive believer in that too!) - I truly believe that creativity is how we can, and will, change the world.
I used to want to be famous. Be a massive Hollywood movie-star - a household name. Now, partly because I've unearthed the nasty side of Hollywood, but more so because I'm a hugely passionate (some would say opinionated & stubborn) person who knows the power of storytelling, I want to focus on making things that mean something to me. That make people think and open our eyes to what has been and what could be!
Have I mentioned I'm a massive hippy...