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Work experience and job opportunities

Want to apply for work experience at Highly Flammable Studios?

As I’m sure you can understand, we can only accept a small number of work experience students each year. We receive a lot of requests, which is awesome! But here is some info that can help you decide if you're a good fit.

We would like to prioritise opportunities for neurodivergent students who are passionate about working in the creative industry. It is important to us to provide opportunities to young people who may experience difficulties working in more traditional environments.

Below is some information about what you can expect from a week of work experience with us. If you feel you meet these criteria and would be prepared for a week like this, please do get in touch via email and we can let you know if we have any availability.

  • Expect a flexible and changeable schedule, every day is different here.

  • We’d want you to dive right into every part of our creative business and try each modality with enthusiasm. This might include filming, editing, storyboarding, a sprinkling of digital art or music production, or other more practical projects such as creating photo backdrops or podcast sets.

  • We will most likely ask you to be on camera and assist in creating some Instagram content.

  • Expect to be set up with a project that may span over a few days.

  • You may be required to attend an off-site film shoot during the week with us.

  • This is a pretty silly work environment, with lots of energy. We do some wild and spontaneous things to make engaging content, so be ready to come along for the ride.

Perks of a week of experience with us:

  • Beanbags!!

  • Very chill vibes

  • Coffee and soft drinks whenever you want

  • 10-5 working hours

If this sounds right for you, email with the following information:

  1. A little bit about your personality and why you'd fit right in here.

  2. Your main career interests, or some skills you'd like to learn.

  3. What you'd be most excited to get stuck into.

  4. When your work experience needs to take place.

Hoping to find work within the Highly Flammable Team?

We don't currently have any opportunities for employment. However, it is of huge importance to us to support freelancers, and there's a few ways we can do that.

Sign up to become a Creator Member to get your name out to more clients, receive support from us, and big discounts on using the studio for your work.

Get in touch with us if you have a project you'd like to tell us about and team up on!